Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings

HURRAY!!  It’s finally the weekend.  A whole two days without the dreaded alarm clock going off (every eight minutes grrr!  Why does he keep hitting snooze, grumble, grumble?).

Today is a first for me.  Providing I have done everything correctly, I will be taking place in Saturday Spankings.  So for your entertainment, below is a short extract from A Legal Education, where yet again, poor Poppy’s bottom gets it.  Can’t she get a break?

“I was looking for a pen this morning to write down a telephone number, so I had a look in the drawers of your bedside table because I figured someone as organized as you would probably have one handy.  Imagine my surprise… no, surprise is not the right word.  Imagine my shock when I found this in your bedside table instead.”

He drops something onto the floor in front of me; it lands with a sickening thud.  I take in a surprised breath of air when my eyes settle on the object in front of me.  It’s my vibrator.

At first, I feel aggrieved that he was searching my bedside table, through my private possessions.  My body bristles as I prepare to fight him.

Apparently, he has anticipated this as something repeatedly connects with deadly accuracy to my upturned bottom.

“Don’t even think of trying to argue with me Miss Hamilton, you are in enough trouble without that mouth of yours getting you into further difficulty.”


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  1. Okay, the fact that he’s searching in her bedside table indicates they have an intimate relationship, and the fact that he’s upset to find she owns a vibrator indicates a dominant and submissive relationship, and yet he refers to her as Miss Hamilton and she was ready to argue with him about her privacy. Very interesting. I want to know more. Welcome, Darcie,

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      You always know you are in trouble, when you’re called you by your full name. Well Jasper being a barrister, prefers to use formal titles. Thank you for the welcome Kathryn, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. Carole Archer says:

    Hi Darcie. Great extract. I’ve read the whole book so I know the whole thing is fantastic. I’m eagerly awaiting book two. Well done. xx

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thank you Carole :-D.

  3. Meredith O'Reilly says:

    Oh no! Someone is in for a spanking! Great snippet!

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thanks Meredith! Yes poor Poppy’s butt does seem to get it a lot throughout the story.

  4. I’m curious what he’s spanking her with, and why she’s in trouble regarding a vibrator. You’ve piqued my interest.

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Hi Normandie, thanks for dropping by. It’s his hand delivering the punishment. The below extract explains why, she’s in trouble.

      “When we set up our arrangement, do you remember the discussion about you being forbidden to touch yourself? I believe that I stressed then that the only pleasure you would receive would be at my hands. So why is it I find this thing in your bedside table?”

  5. Renee Rose says:

    ooh, what did he find?

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Hi Renee, thank you for dropping by also.

      He found a vibrator in her drawer. I think if he was really committed, he could have written the message with it but men lack creativity :-D.

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