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Saturday Spankings

It’s been a while since I last participated in a Saturday Spankings.  Hyperion’s Folly, Book 2 of the Hyperion Legacy is due to be released on Tuesday 19th January 2016.  In anticipation of this release, I’ve chosen the below excerpt:-

Hyperions_Folly_Cover_15-October-2015“What is it with you and standing on chairs. We have serval sets of expensive ladders around the house,” he scolded, as he grabbed Poppy around the waist and lifted her off her woman maid tower. Sitting down on an empty chair, he placed his stunned wife between his legs. Undoing the button and zipper on her jeans, he pulled them and her panties down to her thighs and spilled her over his lap. “Not to mention hammers,” he added, as his hand began to repetitively descend on her rapidly reddening globes.

“The ladders and the hammer are somewhere else,” she tried to argue, while unsuccessfully avoiding the fall of his hand. “Ouch!” she shrieked as he moved his hand to her thighs.


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  1. Congrats on your new release. We have so many great books coming out in the next few weeks that I know my Amazon account is going to groan. I’ll have to spread out my purchases. Love the snippet, Darcie.

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thanks Kathryn and I know what you mean. I’ve already added three books to my Amazon wish list.

  2. Wow, he didn’t even give her a chance to explain, did he?

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Well, I would like to say it’s not the first time she’s done it but that would be a lie.

  3. LOL… I love this snippet, and especially ~~ woman maid tower. I am laughing out loud. I built a tower like that. It was absolutely ridiculous, and yes, I stood on it. Great stuff!

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thanks Maggie. It’s like a man made tower, only better :-D.

  4. Livia Grant says:

    Great snippet and congrats on the new release!

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thanks Livia.

  5. Well… someone is in trouble! And rightly so. But I’m curious about this ladder and hammer business 😀

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Well, instead of using a hammer to hit the nail into the wall, she was using one of his shoes, while precariously balanced on a stool, on top of a chair.

  6. Poor thing! She didn’t get a minute to even try and explain! Wonder what happens next.

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      A stingy butt of course!

  7. Ha! Nothing seems to infuriate an alpha male more than a woman putting herself in danger. Love it!

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      It’s great isn’t it? 😀

  8. Fab snippet, Darcie, well done!

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