Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

present-clipartI hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and like myself are enjoying a few days well earned, time off work.

Now as I mentioned in the title, this Christmas I got the best Christmas present I have ever received and am every likely to receive.  As you know, in August my husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  This was a devastating shock as it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Following six cycles of chemo therapy every two weeks which he took surprisingly well, he had to wait a further six weeks for the chemo to leave his body before he could have his scan.  So six weeks to the day after his last chemo, we made the journey into Belfast, to the Royal Victoria Hospital to have it done.

One week later on 22 December, we attended Antrim Hospital to meet with the consultant to get the results.  We had to wait an nerve wrecking hour in the waiting area (because they were running behind), before we got to see him.  We both sat down on the chairs in his office and he asked my husband how he was, while he scanned in the barcode on his file, to pull up his information.  While he looked through the results of the scan, my husband and I squeezed each others hands tightly, waiting to hear the results that would determine what kind of Christmas we would have.  Well, I am delighted to report that the scan came back clear and he is now in remission.  As I’ve mentioned before,

Best Christmas Present Ever!!!



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  1. Carol Chase says:

    So happy for you guys. That is awesome news , wonderful Christmas present.
    Been reading poppy and jasper story, just love them. Have a wonderful new year.

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Thanks Carol, the news was very welcome and very much appreciated. For the first time in four months, we can actually makes plans and now that my mind is not completely distracted I can get back to writing again.

      Hope you have a wonderful new year too.

      Darcie xo

  2. Carol Chase says:

    Hi Darcie
    Was wondering how you and your husband are doing?
    Hope everything is still going well for you guys.
    Glad you are going to be able to write again.
    Enjoy your books very much.
    Ever need a friend to talk to
    Email me @
    I’m Also Facebook friend
    (Carol Fibro Chase)
    Take care hugs

    1. Darcie Rian says:

      Hi Carole,

      My husband and I are both doing well, thank you for asking. We are busy settling into life on our own schedule again. It’s great not having hospital appointments continually dictating our life.

      Now that my mind is not pre-occupied, I’ve been able to start writing again. I’m starting small but will eventually get back into the swing of things.

      Thank you for your kind words and support. It is greatly appreciated.


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