To Post or Not to Post, That is the Question?

In this digital word, it fantastic how quickly we can reach all our friends with just one little post. Whether you are using a Blog, Facebook, Instagram or one of the many other platforms out there, in mere seconds you can let the world know what is going on in your life.

I’m a bit of a private person as you can probably see by how often I post.  Please believe me I have my share of dramas.  My husband’s health problems alone, could have me posting on a bi weekly basis.  Whilst I am sure I would get some very genuine support from all the lovely people out there, it’s just not my way.  When I can’t talk to my husband (which is very rare), I have my two sisters who are always available with a shoulder to lean on or even my best friend who has become like a third sister.  Between them, I get all the support I need to get though whatever difficultly I am currently facing.

The reason why I am doing this post, is because of an issue that has come up in work.  A member of staff is currently off with stress due to losing her pet.  I’m not going to try and belittle her loss, I know how much her pet meant to her.  She is now entering her third month off and her absence is causing major stress to all her colleagues who are having to pull up the slack, to make sure her programme is covered.  I don’t work in her field but even my team have had to cover activities in order to meet the demands of the day.

The point that I’m trying to make is, that while she’s been off with the stress of losing her pet, she’s been actively posting on her various multi media platforms on how she’s been away for the weekend, or how she’s been off to have beauty treatments done or been off to the personal trainer for a session.  The image she is portraying is not one of someone who is heartbroken over the loss of her pet.

The same lady had a member of her own team off a few years ago, also with stress.  This poor woman was having a very difficult time with a teenage son with severe ADHD.  Her mother very kindly sent her out to have a beauty treatment done to cheer her up and like her colleague, she decided to post on Instagram of what was happening.  When she eventually came back to work, she was given such a horrible time by her co-worker, that on more than one occasion, she ended up in my work area in floods of tears.  Will karma bite her on the ass when she eventually returns to work?  Who knows?

So, back to my original question “To Post or Not to Post”?  Have people become so focussed on having any digital presence at all, that they don’t think of the significance of what they are posting beforehand?  With many employers now investigating the digital presence of potential job candidates beforehand, how many people are doing themselves more harm than good by careless posting?  Let’s face it, once it’s out there, it’s very difficult to remove it.



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  1. Carol Chase says:

    I would do what is best for you. I manily post / share books. I don’t post lot of personal stuff. Lately been offline because of some health issues. Been reading more.
    Hope you have wonderful week.

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