Saturday Spankinngs

Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings

Thank you for dropping by for Saturday Spankings.  The excerpt I’ve chosen today picks up just after Poppy having spent a painful session over her future father-in-law’s knee, finally confesses who she thinks her mysterious stalker is.


Poppy relished how safe she felt in Christopher’s arms. Not the Jasper or Craig kind of safe, but the kind of safe she imagined a daughter might feel with her father. Happily, she melted into his arms, the only sound to break the silence was the odd hiccoughing sob from her, but eventually she regained her equilibrium.

Christopher gently raised her chin until their eyes met. “Do you feel better now?” he asked. Slowly, she nodded her head. Odd thing was, she did feel better. She hadn’t realized how much of a burden she had been carrying around by keeping the truth from everyone. “How long have you been carrying that weight around?” he asked, as if reading her mind.

“About six months,” she croaked.


Hyperions Folly Cover 07-January-2016 Final

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Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings

Hyperions Folly Cover 07-January-2016 FinalWelcome to Saturday Spankings.  I’m delighted to say that Hyperion’s Folly is now available to purchase for the special price of £2.10 / $2.99 and A Legal Education is available for £0.99 / $1.41.

The snippet I’ve chosen for today’s Saturday Spankings is from an interaction between two of the newer characters in the book.

When Jamie Kingsley is stumped by a computer problem, he puts out a call for assistance from a buddy from his university days, Emma Walters.

It doesn’t take Emma long to figure out that the problem is the work of someone from both their pasts.  Someone she has been trying to find for years.  Her chance of revenge was finally at her finger tips. There is just one slight flaw in her plan and it’s over 6ft tall and not looking happy at all.


His hand descended continually on her poor bottom while he lectured her. “You will not, I repeat, not go after Night Krawler. It’s too dangerous,” he resolutely proclaimed.

Emma couldn’t contain her anger at his high handedness. As he continued with the assault on her bottom, she felt the tears start at the corner of her eyes. “It’s none of your business what I do,” she yelled at him.

His hand continued to fall and with it, her tears started to flow. “It is my business Emma, if anything happened to you…”

“What do you care anyway?” she cried.

Suddenly she found herself upright and crushed to his chest. “Emma, I more than care for you, I love you,” he murmured in her ear. Emma stiffened in his arms and pulled back the little amount that he would allow.

“You love me?” she asked in shock, happy tingles settling in her tummy.


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TLC – Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Saturday Spankings

It’s been a while since I last participated in a Saturday Spankings.  Hyperion’s Folly, Book 2 of the Hyperion Legacy is due to be released on Tuesday 19th January 2016.  In anticipation of this release, I’ve chosen the below excerpt:-

Hyperions_Folly_Cover_15-October-2015“What is it with you and standing on chairs. We have serval sets of expensive ladders around the house,” he scolded, as he grabbed Poppy around the waist and lifted her off her woman maid tower. Sitting down on an empty chair, he placed his stunned wife between his legs. Undoing the button and zipper on her jeans, he pulled them and her panties down to her thighs and spilled her over his lap. “Not to mention hammers,” he added, as his hand began to repetitively descend on her rapidly reddening globes.

“The ladders and the hammer are somewhere else,” she tried to argue, while unsuccessfully avoiding the fall of his hand. “Ouch!” she shrieked as he moved his hand to her thighs.


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Poppy’s Narrow Escape

Saturday Spankings

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for joining me on another Saturday Spankings.  I’m busily working away on Book Two and hope to have it finished in the not so distant future.  In the second book, a member of the Smythe family (with a little help from someone in the inside), decides to seek vengeance at poor Poppy’s expense.

Under the laws of the Hyperion League, Poppy remains under the protection of Craig, until she marries Jasper.  So it is left up to him, to protect Poppy from yet another unprovoked Smythe attack.

The below extract from A Legal Education, shows you where it all began.

Hope you all enjoy!


Following Poppy’s second ordeal with the League, she is lured out of the women’s sanctuary when Clarissa Smythe steals one of her most prized possession, the collar that Jasper presented to her.  Wrapped in only a bathrobe, she pursues Clarissa down the long hallway, where she disappears through a doorway.  When Poppy enters the room, she is surprised to find not Clarissa but her brother Raymond.  When Raymond tries to assault Poppy, she defends herself by slamming the heel of her hand into his nose.

The moment his eyes see the blood, he becomes enraged and rushes at me with his fist raised.
“You Irish whore!” he yells and then swings his fist.  I crouch down on the floor and put my arm up to block the attack, knowing full well that I don’t have the strength to stop it.  Closing my eyes tight, I wait for the impact.
I hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh and wait for the blossom of pain to spread.  Instead, I hear a male shriek.  When I open my eyes, I see Raymond’s fist engulfed in another larger fist.
“If I ever catch you raising your filthy hand to another woman, I will break every bone in it and the rest of your body,” growls Craig’s familiar voice.  With that, he sends Raymond flying into the nearest wall.

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Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings

HURRAY!!  It’s finally the weekend.  A whole two days without the dreaded alarm clock going off (every eight minutes grrr!  Why does he keep hitting snooze, grumble, grumble?).

Today is a first for me.  Providing I have done everything correctly, I will be taking place in Saturday Spankings.  So for your entertainment, below is a short extract from A Legal Education, where yet again, poor Poppy’s bottom gets it.  Can’t she get a break?

“I was looking for a pen this morning to write down a telephone number, so I had a look in the drawers of your bedside table because I figured someone as organized as you would probably have one handy.  Imagine my surprise… no, surprise is not the right word.  Imagine my shock when I found this in your bedside table instead.”

He drops something onto the floor in front of me; it lands with a sickening thud.  I take in a surprised breath of air when my eyes settle on the object in front of me.  It’s my vibrator.

At first, I feel aggrieved that he was searching my bedside table, through my private possessions.  My body bristles as I prepare to fight him.

Apparently, he has anticipated this as something repeatedly connects with deadly accuracy to my upturned bottom.

“Don’t even think of trying to argue with me Miss Hamilton, you are in enough trouble without that mouth of yours getting you into further difficulty.”


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