Happy Halloween

shutterstock_154002146I hope everyone is having a spooktacular Halloween.

A number of weeks ago in my ‘Big Dilemma’ post, I asked what people would think, if I introduced a supernatural twist to the Hyperion Legacy books.  Everyone seemed in agreement that I should keep the two subjects separate and having taken this on board, I completed book two and sent it off to my publisher.  Whilst I have had confirmation that my book has been accepted, I am still awaiting my contract and publishing date.

Now back to Halloween and my ‘Big Dilemma’.  As a special Halloween treat, I have decided to give you a sneaky peek of my vampire story, tentatively named ‘An Elemental Tail’.  This book centres around the life of a half vampire, half air elemental called Andecia Ryan.  While the story is based in present day, it does dip in and out of the Victorian era, when Andecia was born.

This is the story that I was considering linking with the Hyperion Legacy.  The original plan, was that Megan, who appears in the next Hyperion Legacy book, would be an air elemental like Andecia.  Unlike her friend, Megan would supress her gift, as she feared what she could do, if she lost control to ‘The Fury’.

I hope you enjoy!

Andecia Erosha Ryan

I was born in 1883, in County Down, Northern Ireland, the only child from a union between Erosha Anna Ryan and Matthew, of the House of Erin. This is my story.

My mother came from a very old Irish family, they and a few others families like them, were the reason for the legends of the Banshees. Erosha like many generations before her, was an Air Elemental and a very powerful one too.

When she met my father, they immediately fell in love. Her family were never happy about the union but Erosha was a strong willed girl and out of fear for her virtue, that she become tainted for any man, her parents finally agreed to the union.

Their marriage was idyllic, Matthew provided for Erosha a loving and caring environment, so it was only a matter of time before their love resulted in issue. At the age of twenty two, Erosha became pregnant with me.

Both she and my father were elated with their news and Matthew made preparation for his new child, by purchasing every conceivable gadget available, to ensure the comfort of us both. 

It was in her eighth month of pregnancy that Erosha found out the true nature of Matthew’s existence. Like herself, he too was a legend right out of the darkest fairy tales. Matthew of Erin was a vampire.

Fuelled by the legends and stories of these un-natural creatures, she fled her marital home. In fear for the life of her unborn child, she returned to the protection of her family, he immediately sent her into hiding, far away from my father. A few weeks later, after a difficult birth, I arrived.

Erosha was a wonderful and loving mother but as the years went on, the spark that was her very essence of life began to dwindle. It was obvious to me even as a child, that she still loved my father dearly and the longer they were apart, the worse she became.

Her health continued to deteriorate as the vampire cancer left in her from the pregnancy, slowly and painfully waged war on her body, destroying it from the inside. When I was seven years old, she lost the battle and died of the blood disease.  

The old saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ was never a truer description of the anger of a vengeful Banshee. My aunts had sworn on her death bed that they would look after me but in their anger, the blindness of ‘The Fury’ took over and they hunted down and destroyed my father and his kin.

During the years preceding my mother’s death, they taught me everything I needed to know in harnessing my Elemental gift. It didn’t take them long to realise that my gift, like my mother’s, was exceptional and so it was, my training was taken to the next level.

Like the seven yearly cycle of the blood, our Elemental gifts also change, evolving, becoming more powerful.  At the age of ten years old, my gift was much further beyond that of my peers. I was not due to take The Test until at least one year after my fourteenth birthday but my aunts had insisted that I be tested early; as powerful as they were, my gift was far exceeding their capabilities. The Matriarch herself had been summoned to test me.

We don’t really know why it happened, perhaps it was the increased training that my aunts were putting me through, prior to my test, which awoke it. They were used to the weird and unusual but I was something else entirely. As I was the last of my father’s line, thanks to their actions, they’d left themselves no one to turn to for help.

My vampire abilities which had lain dormant until now, were fully manifesting. The dark brown eyes I inherited from my mother were now a very vivid emerald green, with pupils not unlike the family cat. I had supernatural strength and speed. My senses were so heightened, I could hear the servants talking in the basement, see and smell things that I knew were not possible.

My food cravings were un-natural; it disgusted me. I starved myself before I would accept them. Add to this, the powerful elemental powers inherited from my mother; I was a ticking time bomb. In one of my tantrums, I totally destroyed one of the outbuildings to the Ryan ancestral home. It was sheer luck that no one was hurt.

I was so frightened of what I had become, that I ran, ran far from my home, until I reached a large body of water and could go no further.

It was the knowledge of what the hunters would do if they found me, which brought Aaron Talbot to Ireland. He had guessed who and what I was and tracked me himself, which was something unheard of. The Head of a House just didn’t do such menial tasks, not to mention coming to Ireland with the threat of Banshees around every corner.

 I had denied myself for so long what my body craved, that I was left weak and broken and when he found me, I was in a barn hidden under a wagon. I was so scared that I would hurt him too but those strange dark brown eyes looked kindly on me, not frightened or horrified like the others….. Like my aunts.

He reached towards me but I withdrew with my lightning speed away from him, crossing the barn towards the door but before I had a chance to get there, I felt arms close around me and pull me in tight. I struggled against them but to my surprise, I couldn’t break their grip, they were stronger than me.

 He spoke to me softly, re-assuring me that I was going to be okay. I felt tiredness flood through my body and my eyes became heavy. Gently he picked me up and carried me out of the barn. I tried to fight the tiredness but the more he soothed me, the heavier my eyes became.

 I woke up in England three days later unsure as to what had happened. My terrible cravings were gone and when I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the dark brown eyes I inherited from my mother were once again staring back at me.

 And so it was, that I met my father’s brother Aaron, Head of the House of Talbot, he welcomed me into his home and has guarded and protected me ever since.

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