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Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out


Thank you for joining me on another WIP It Up Wednesday.

In a Legal Education, following a days work, Poppy returns to her car, to discover that one of her tyres is flat.  When she takes it to the local car garage to get it fixed, she is shocked to learn that her tyre had been deliberately slashed.  Being that her partner Jasper and her bodyguard Craig tend to be a little overprotective, she decides to keep the knowledge of this incident to herself.

In Hyperion’s Folly, guess what?  She gets another flat tyre, only this time, she’s not alone when she finds it.  Jasper is insistent that the tyre be repaired right away and much to Poppy’s shock they return to the garage that repaired her previous slashed tyre.

Poppy was relieved when a gawky young man in his early twenties approached them and asked if he could help.   Retrieving the tyre out of the boot, Jasper showed the mechanic where it had been slashed. The two then went off to the reception desk, while she thanked her lucky stars that she didn’t get the same mechanic as her last visit.

“Poppy, why don’t you wait in my car, while I deal with this.” By the look on Jasper’s face, she knew it wasn’t a suggestion so she climbed back in to the passenger seat and waited for them to finish.

From inside the car, she could see the young mechanic shout at someone across the forecourt. To her horror, the older man who assisted her on her previous visit, walked across to join them.

He took a look at the tyre and then poked his fingers inside it and then shook his head. Poppy wasn’t sure what was said next but Jasper pointed in her direction and recognition appeared on the older gentleman’s face. There was another brief conversation and she knew by the look on his face that he has been told, that this was the second time she had visited with a slashed tyre.

The conversation continued for a few more seconds and then Jasper took out his mobile and hastily tapped away on his phone, before putting it away in his coat again. He then paced back and forth, while the two mechanics took her little Fiat to the tyre bay, to fit a new tyre.

Jasper didn’t come back to the car, he just paced back and forth, either clenching or unclenching his fists or running a frustrated hand through his hair. A knock to the car window startled Poppy, when she looked up, she saw that Craig had arrived. He opened Jasper’s car door and crouched down beside her.

“What’s this I hear about you having another flat tyre?” he questioned, his eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“You knew that someone slashed her tyre before and you didn’t think to inform me of it,” snapped Jasper angrily.

“What! Wait a minute, her tyre was slashed?” he asked incredulously. He then turned his full attention on Poppy and his jaw tightened and his eyebrows lowered. “You told me you went over a nail. You never mentioned anything about your tyre being slashed.”

Great! Now they were both pissed with her.

“I’m too angry right now. You’re her bodyguard you can deal with her. I’ll wait for her car to be finished.” With that, Jasper threw his keys to Craig and stormed off back to reception.

Craig climbed into the driver’s side of Jasper’s car and then reached across and put Poppy’s seatbelt on, once the vehicle was in motion, the lecture began.

“Why would you lie to us Poppy?” he demanded.

“Because I knew you would both over react, like you’re doing now,” she whined.

“We’re not over reacting. One slashed tyre may be a coincidence but two means someone is definitely targeting you.” When they stopped at traffic lights, Craig grasped her chin in his hands. “If Jasper hadn’t discovered your tyre this time, would you even have told us?”

Poppy stared at her fidgeting hands and slowly shook her head.

“Fuck Poppy! How can I protect you when you won’t tell me of potential danger?” retorted Craig angrily, slamming his fist against the steering wheel.

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WIP It Up Wednesday


Hi All,

Welcome to Wip It Up Wednesday, another first for me.  For your entertainment, I have an extract from Hyperion’s Folly, Hyperion Legacy Book Two.  This little snippet introduces you to another two of the characters you will meet in the book.

Megan, also known as The Black Bird, gets a much needed release at Master Deacon’s hands.

Hope you enjoy!



As Poppy wondered the upstairs landing, she could hear the same cello music playing from the previous night.  She recalled Jasper telling her it was Bach.  Listening at each of the doors, she found that the music was coming from the ballroom below. Having explored the house over the past day, she knew there was a minstrel’s gallery on this floor that overlooked the ballroom below.  Tiptoeing along the landing, she stopped outside the door and as quietly as she could, she turned the handle and slipped in.

To her surprise, there was a ballerina pirouetting around the room.  The dark haired woman wore three quarter length black jogging bottoms and a snug fitting t-shirt.  The ballet shoes upon her feet, were a pale pink and the ribbons that lace around her ankles a similar shade.

Her moves flowed beautifully with the music as she went from dancing en pointe, to flat on her feet and then up again.  Poppy found herself mesmerised as she danced, making full use of the room below.  As she watched, her hands moved gracefully above her head in time with the music.  She paused at one point, high on her toes, one arm extended high above her head and for the first time, Poppy get a proper look at her serene face.  To her surprise, she realised that the dancer was Megan.

As the music picked up in tempo, so did her movements.  They started to become stilted and her serene face started to look pained.  Suddenly she just collapsed in on herself in a tight ball.  Feeling her heart clench at Megan’s obvious anguish, Poppy was about to go to her, whenever she saw a figure move out from below her.  It was Master Deacon.  As she watched, he sat down on the floor beside her and picked her up, cradling her in his arms.

“When was the last time you let go?” he asked her.

She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head.  “You can’t go on like this, you need to let it out.”  Then, to Poppy’s surprise, he started to remove her shoes while she just stared at him, with the look of a lost child on her face.  Without taking his eyes off hers , he then started to remove her clothes, until she stood naked before him.  Something large and black on her lower back caught Poppy’s attention, when she looked more carefully, she realised that it was an amazing tattoo of a celtic blackbird in flight.

Thinking that they were going to share something intimate, Poppy carefully rose from her position, ready to leave but to her surprise, Master Deacon pulled the naked Megan over his lap and began to spank her.  She stiffened at first, like she was ready to fight him but then her body just went limp, like she was surrendering to his will.

Master Deacon methodically slapped his hand against Megan’s bottom and thighs.  For a long time, she didn’t move or make a sound, she just lay there and took the strokes which would have had Poppy fighting and wailing long before now.

“Let. It. Out,” he firmly stated, punctuating each word with a firm slap.

Suddenly a sob escaped her lips and the most heart wrenching sounds started to pour from her lips.  Master Deacon continued to spank and the tears continued to fall.  Feeling like she had overstayed her welcome, as quietly as she entered, Poppy slipped back out into the hallway.

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