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For years now, I have been working on a story based around the lives of several supernatural creatures (mainly vampires).  TEARS is an acronym to describe the five vampire Houses that the story evolves around.

House Talbot
House Erin
House Anshelm
House Rufina and
House Saxe.

Each house has it’s own unique set of skills and talents and it’s own set of problems.     I have approximately three books planned in this series, starting with A Second Chance.


A Second Chance

Madeline Gordon was cursed.  There was no other word to describe it.  Orphaned from birth she spent her childhood moving from one foster home to another and eventually when the foster carers wouldn’t take her, to a children’s home.  Nobody wanted the freak of a child who could turn a room into chaos with gale forced winds.

Now a young woman of twenty, Madeline lived on her nerves.  The fear of what she could do if she got upset, terrified her.  But life wasn’t completely bad.  Two years ago, when she was fresh out of secretarial school, she got a job working for an eccentric older gentleman called Leonard Abrahams who’s business was in acquisitions.   Leonard’s clientele were wealthy people who were just as eccentric as he was.  But none were more eccentric than the handsome Jonathan Miles Abercrombie.

Pretty soon Madeline would learn that the strange acquisition he required, was not an object but a person and that person was her.


Hyperion Legacy

I have five books planned in this series and the possibility of a few shorter stories.    After careful consideration, I have decided to change the stories to third person, which is a change from A Legal Educations first person perspective.


Lady Blackstock’s Dilema

I’ve started working on book three of the Hyperion Legacy.  It’s tentatively called Lady Blackstock’s Dilema.  Although you will still see Jasper and Poppy, this story is mainly about Andrew and Meeya.

Having had her engagement broken off because of the League’s interference, Lady Amelia Blackstock, loathes and hates everything that the League represents and Andrew Caulfield, Duke of Arymshire who is it’s head, is number one on her list.

When an incident at work lands her in the local causality with a concussion,  Meeya is annoyed when Andrew arrives at the hospital instead of her brother.  Against her will, Amelia starts to develop feelings for Andrew and just when she’s starting to trust him, information received by an anonymous benefactor, turns her world upside down.


Hyperion’s Folly

I have finally completed book two of the Hyperion Legacy.  This is a continuation of Jasper and Poppy’s story but will introduce a whole new range of characters.

Poppy and Jasper are busy planning their wedding, which is no easy feat for Jasper, as Poppy is still having problems with Jasper’s wealth.  Needless to say there are painful consequences, for Poppy’s stubborn attitude.

When a threat from both Jasper and Craig’s past raises its ugly head, Poppy along with the others involved in that particular case, are all whisked away by the League, to a safe house, until the threat can be resolved.



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  1. Carole says:

    I am thrilled to see that book three is underway, and I’m already chomping at the bit, eager to read Andrew and Meeya’s story. This series has so much potential, with some fabulous characters. Well done, Darcie.

  2. Darcie Rian says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement, I couldn’t have done it without you.


  3. Kat says:

    I just noticed on your site you finished book 3 and is working on two new ones. Congrats. A vampire story sound interesting…I read the series from Jody offen, really interesting, but unfortunately she recently passed away. I look forward to seeing more of your writing soon. Good luck.

  4. Carol Chase says:

    Hi Darcie
    Wondering how ya doing ?
    Hope your hubby is doing better . Been thinking of ya .
    Hope ya be publishing your books soon
    Are you use same name or different one
    Forward to chatting with ya
    Take care

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